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Jezebeth has been living out the centuries separated from her three sisters in Hell’s version of the Witness Relocation Program. Using her Succubus powers, she’s been surviving by meeting her queen’s super-high soul quota–every girl’s got a gift, right? But now that a bounty demon is determined to kill her, Jez’s life just got a whole lot more complicated.


Noah is a simple horror writer turned demon hunter and damsel rescuer when Lilith, the Queen of the Succubus & Incubus, unexpectedly calls in his life debt. It’s a tough predicament escorting the alluring succubus without losing his soul—or his heart. But if he fails in his mission he’ll either die a grisly death—or even worse, endure an eternity of torture while the demon who hunts Jez kicks off the first of the Armageddon prophesies!

Pre Orders are now available:
Order your copy now and it will show up on your e-reader on December 18th, just in time to steam up your holidays!


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